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The La Cucina Malfy series is a delectable culinary experience that introduces consumers to the joy of the “La dolce Vita” lifestyle. The Malfy La Famiglia demonstrate how to create a dining experience with both food and at-home entertainment, all inspired by the food, drink, culture and aesthetics of Italian living.  We interviewed lux influencer Kefilwe Mabote and found out just how much she loves being in the kitchen.

Food brings people together and is at the heart of celebration and cultures! What are some of your favourite dishes and must-haves for any friend/family get-together?

Now many people know that I am a lover of meat, traditional food and hearty food. I just have to have meat on my plate, preferably traditional meat and food. I love good creamy samp and hearty meats like a good beef stew and lamb. You can never go wrong with a good homemade salad, like creamy spinach. It’s always good enjoying hearty foods and uncomplicated foods which we grew up eating and loving with those that are my nearest and dearest.

What was the first dish you learnt how to make? Was it a success/fail?

Every black girl (well myself) had to obviously make pap. Well, it’s safe to say I’ve had to have a few tries before I perfected it. After you are able to master the art of making your go-to starch for supper every evening, the world is your oyster (laughs)

When making a dish for the first time, which of the following do you turn to Youtube, a cookbook or a loved one?

I always use a loved one. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where my mom and grandmother were excellent cooks. Call it the “Mabote Maste rchef Series” at home. We always bounced off ideas from each other, but sometimes a good website link is needed to spruce up a recipe or two. However, most of my time in the kitchen is attributed to the sound advice and direction of my late mother and grandmother.

Give us a list of 5 food items or kitchen accessories/appliances that you can’t live without?

Hahaha (laughs), well in an African household, there are few things that come to mind. Well, I love me a good traditional pot of food so my list always includes Maize meal/Polenta, a good protein (chicken, beef or lamb), a vegetable (along the lines of spinach and potatoes), cooking oil (either sunflower oil, canola oil or olive oil – they each have different uses in my kitchen) and lastly a good dose of seasoning (can never go wrong with salt and pepper).

What is your ultimate culinary and fine dining experience?  

I love experimenting with different kinds of food, and I do think my travel experiences have contributed to my perceptions of fine dining and culinary experiences. I do certainly think that I do have a knack for European tastes, as they are vastly different to what I’d normally eat in South Africa. As a lover of rich and hearty foods, I find Italian foods right up my alley. From the pastas, pizza and various cheeses, I am in love! I do love fine-dining, ut more for the experience and bursts of intricate flavours. You’d find me experimenting with a good pasta every now and then.

What comes to mind when you think of Italian food?

I think pasta! Spaghetti Bolognaise, A good Alfredo, seafood pasta or even a delicious al Forno are right up my ally! I am a lover of rich hearty foods so that’s why I am in love with Italian food. It’s the sauce making skills that accompany the pasta that make me fall in love with their foods.

Share your experience of being part of the La Cucina Malfy Home Cook series?

Oh, it was bliss. I mean, I learnt how to make a bruschetta board as well as a delicious beef ragu that really paired well with the Malfy Gin. For me, it’s all about a taste experience and the fact that I can play around with various different foods and flavours really excite me. The collaboration works well for a girl who loves some food and a good beverage.

What are some of your favourite garnishes to add to your Malfy gin?

Well, this has to be the easiest question to answer:

  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Mint leaves
  • A sprig of rosemar 


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