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A young model hungry for success

Courage, confidence, leadership, and being strong is what describes women of this era. Age is isn’t what determines the strength of a woman or a teenager. Asanda Mabika is one of the teenagers who have proven that they have all it takes to run the world.

The ravishing 16-year-old has always been drawn to modelling the age of 3. Then took her pursuit of modelling further when she was 15 after she heard Miss Universe saying “there is a lack of leadership in young girls”. She saw the platform as an opportunity to be a leader to young girls. “This platform will be a golden opportunity to voice my opinions on a lot of things that are happening in our society,” said Asanda.

Most models have different perspectives on what to do for their people when they’ve earned the rightful position. Asanda’s motivation is encouragement, this actively illustrates that she will work towards encouraging others and helping them find their voices. Entering Miss Teen Tourism Globe SA is a step forward to that change.

“Maybe others are looking forward to the slash and the grown. I am looking for the title, but I will not only hold the title. I will start a program with the ‘Miss Teen Tourism Globe title’. A program that will encourage young girls to start searching for their dreams because our dreams are important,” she stated.

In details for the program, she believes that only determination, creativity, and persistency are the foundation of success. She explained furthermore and said, “In this world without dreams and goals, you are nothing. Instead dream bigger dreams that even scare you to a point of asking yourself if you should be dreaming like this. Everyone is born with dreams, we just have to search them. The program will be about encouraging young girls to have dreams that will introduce them to the world.”

Asanda mentioned how her family and friends have been her rock since the start of the journey. She feels like with the support of her family and friends, she has all it takes to win the pageant.
She daily lives with inspirational words from our president that say, “yes it always seem impossible until it is done.” Because she believe so much that if she is thinking about it, she can do it with the hard work she put in it.

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