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African Secret Cream Liqueur, a proud South African brand known for its rich, creamy texture and unique taste, is creating abuzz for its “Secret Hero of Africa” Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative. This initiative is celebrating the quiet army of dedicated individuals who stand as guardians of its precious wildlife and marine life across the African continent.

Understanding the challenges faced by endangered species and the ecosystems they inhabit; African Secret Cream Liqueur has taken a significant step beyond mere words of affection for Africa. With the Secret Hero of Africa initiative, they seek to honour and support individuals who are driven by a deep love for conservation and a commitment to preserving it for future generations, representing the best of humanity’s relationship with nature.

African Secret Cream liqueur has and is partnering with remarkable conservationists, each making significant strides towards sustainability, awareness, and the protection of Africa’s natural beauty. A few of these heroes include:

Harry Bailey, Founder of Run for Rangers, an initiative that raises funds to help rangers with their basic requirement kits.

Carla Geyser, Founder of the Blue Sky Society Trust, which organizes all-female expeditions across Africa to support various conservation causes.

Lloyd Edwards, Owner of Raggy Charters, a leader in coastal environment conservation efforts.

Deon Cilliers, Project Manager at Cheetah Outreach, committed to the survival of the South African cheetahs in the wild.

Through the “Secret Hero of Africa” initiative, African Secret Cream Liqueur not only pays tribute to these extraordinary individuals and their causes but also calls on others to join in the efforts to protect and preserve the rich biodiversity of the African continent.

We aim to bring awareness to these amazing individuals and their organisations and the amazing work they do every day to ensure that our wildlife and marine life are protected.

For more information about their campaign and partners and how you can show your support, please visit African Secret Cream Liqueur at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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