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Award Winning Artist Launches His Own Clothing Brand

While many artists are struggling to keep the wolf from the door during these trying COVID-19 times, one artist has decided he won’t let the pandemic put him down.

Deprived of gigs, like most artists, due to the current lockdowns and “struggling to breathe”, award-winning Cape Town musician and entrepreneur Zandisile Rhayi says he refuses to fold his arms and wait for handovers.

The Khayelitsha-born muso has launched his own clothing line, Rhayi Entertainment -a label that produces among other things- T-shirts, caps and hoodies.

He tells Uplifting Star that he is someone who likes to spread his wings and try new things. Says the Ndim Nawe hitmaker:

It’s one thing to sit down and expect handovers from Good Samaritans or Government grants during this difficult period, but it’s another to wake up and do things for yourself. I have  chosen the latter. Yes my music is receiving airplay through downloads and radio and TV music channels, but that doesn’t flow or bring in cash as much as live gigs.

The President has from time to time do what he has to do yes, but as artists, we keep suffering a great loss. Like many artists, I am struggling, but we have to find other ways to sustain ourselves.”

Rhayi has been doing a lot of radio interviews trying to promote his music and clothing label and recently featured on Rank FM, one of USA’s top radio stations.

Speaking about his latest hit Ndim Nawe, Rhayi says he infused his popular Afro-Pop sound with the Amapiano buzz sound.

You’ve got to go with the flow, I guess. But I’ve remained true to my sound and my fans will not be left behind,” he says.

Pandemic or not, Rhayi says he has been working hard to keep the wolf from the door. The married father of two says his clothing label has been well-received in Cape Town and he is hoping to expand to other provinces and nationwide.

“The support has been great and I am grateful. I guess people appreciate the doorstep business commitment and knowing that it’s someone from their community that they are supporting.”

Many efforts to receive relief funds during these trying times have failed, Rhayi says. He says it pains him to see established artists reportedly receiving millions of rands while poor artists struggle to make ends meet.

”It just cannot be. The government needs to intervene,” he says.

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