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Ayanda Thabethe Shares A Lesson Learnt When It Comes To Privacy

It comes at a cost though, because you lose all your sense of privacy. Just the other day, Dineo Langa, spoke to fans about certain boundaries when it comes to taking pictures with their faves.

Ayanda Thabethe, is another celebrity who normally shares certain aspects of her life with her followers on social media. It looks like Ayanda, is looking into sharing lesser than she usually did.

The lesson that she has learnt when it comes to keeping things to herself, is the peace that comes with it. Wishes this is one lesson she wishes she could have learned sooner, it is never late to correct certain mistakes and have a better perspective.

“I didn’t know that there was so much peace in privacy. This is one lesson I wish I would’ve learned sooner,” Ayanda said.

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