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Beyoncé Praises SA For Leaving Her ‘Deeply Inspired’

“I was also deeply inspired by my trip to SA with my family. And, after having my son, Sir Carter, I felt it was important to uplift and praise our boys and to assure that they grow up with enough films, children’s books and music that promote emotional intelligence, self-value and our rich history. That’s why the film is dedicated to him,” said Beyonce.

It has been over three months since Black Is King was released. It was based on the music of The Lion King: The Gift and was released two weeks after the first anniversary of the live-action remake of The Lion King.

Beyoncé told Vogue that shooting the film started in her backyard but it eventually expanded and saw her employ more creatives from the US and Africa. She said though she was excited to work on the project, she was initially shy and downplayed her performance until one of the producers encouraged her.

She described the atmosphere on the set of Black Is King as “Exciting” and “Warm”. “It still feels like a prayer. Something that I take deep breaths to truly embrace. I felt safe and supported. Everyone holds a warm environment in the team,” she said.

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