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Black Coffee Opens About His Life Challenges

In the finale episode of “Festive Get-Together in The Life Artois”, host Unathi Nkayi will sit down with fellow industry legends DJ Black Coffee and Euphonik to chat about the ups and downs of life.

Hosted by Unathi Nkayi and Alessandro Khojane, the lifestyle show creates a special evening for Black Coffee and Euphonik to talk about life, friendship, social media pressures and brotherhood.

In this episode, Black Coffee and Euphonik take us behind the scenes of their mega-successful international careers, revealing a side to them that fans very rarely see.

Growing up, Black Coffee did not have much, but he had his music.

He gives us a front-row seat on how the man that is Black Coffee was made.

Euphonik shares that he was fortunate to grow up in a loving home, and that his father was his best friend and biggest support system.

Euphonik also opens up about the man that he has become and the life lessons he has picked up along the way.

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