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Boity Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumours

As if rumours about her dating Maps Maponyane aren’t enough, rapper Boity had to come out to shut down the rumour mill after tweeps decided that the food cravings she shared on her TL meant that she is pregnant.

Sis woke up after a hectic weekend of groove with a hangover that wouldn’t quit.

The signs were there from the get-go as sis didn’t want to get out of bed nor actually do anything except hunt for the food cravings she had. So she took to her TL to ask where she can find mogodu so she could satisfy her monster craving and after a few hours sis posted a picture of herself at a restaurant ready to do her cravings justice.

That’s when tweeps decided to sneak onto her TL with pregnancy assumptions.

One guy asked her straight out, “Ain’t you pregnant, you’re eating things my girl used to crave?”.

Sis wasn’t about to let that rumour catch on so she hit back real fast with an “I’m not pregnant. I’m hungover” tweet.

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