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Build your personal brand with DJ Shimza – AMPD Studios Content

ByStaff Reporter

Nov 3, 2020

Finding your niche is essential when trying to make money in the music industry, the hugely successful rapper and businessman DJ Shimza tells how when he was bored on Christmas day, with nothing to do he realized that that day was the day he was going to start a festival because no one had anything to do.

He had a full year to plan and it resulted in his famous Christmas Lunch after party. All the venues were closed and he knew that he could use that as an opportunity to expand his portfolio of events. He chose a small venue, and to the shock of everyone he had one DJ, himself.

He was thinking big though, he wanted to engage with those who followed him through the year to give them a full experience of who Shimza was. It didn’t stop there tho, he did have one artist who performed for the one hour break that Shimza took, and using that artist’s fanbase he increased his own footprint on the South African music scene. He knew that the only thing “on that stage is me” and he wanted everyone to see and know Shimza.

This is a highly important lesson to take from the award-winning DJ. Always seek out ways to market yourself and create opportunities to grow your presence. All the experience that he gained in those early years hustling with black and white flyers, seeking out new ways to grow his network, enabled DJ Shimza eventually to create his own festivals, and today he is in front of us telling his story.

Create your own story and hopefully, we’ll see you on the AMPD Studio stage in a few years telling it to us.

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