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Busiswa Responds To A Body Shaming Troll

Busiswa first stepped in the scene with her “In your face” personality and celebrated women of all sizes in her songs.

However, sis has switched up her game and has worked on her summer body and the results have been showing as the vocalist has managed to shed of the pounds. Celebrities are always trolled on the internet regarding the way they look, and for some reason twitter constantly forgets that these are people too.

Taking to social media, the award winning vocalist posted a few candid snaps of herself in the kitchen, preparing a pig roast and the two pictures showed the before and after of the animal.”How it started and how it’s going” she wrote.

As much as the SBWL collaborator meant for the post to be humorous, a rather disrespectful troll commented on the post and saw it fit to throw some major shade about how she would gain weight again because of how she eats.

Busiswa who is not one to take any disrespect, didn’t take the bullying lying down as she replied to the troll claiming that they should focus on themselves no matter how tempted they are to hate on her.

“Don’t stress yourself about my body, young man. No matter how tempted you are, don’t do that,” she wrote.

Earlier this year, Busiswa confused the enemy and revealed her new slender bender figure, leaving fans disappointed that the once upon a time plus sized singer is now a transformed yummy mummy with a new body and fans feel betrayed to say the least.

Many industry women and fans have since filled Busiswa’s timeline with messages of light, sharing how much of an inspiration she is to many women of South Africa and encouraged her to be the loud and proud queen that Mzansi has come to love her for being outspoken.

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