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Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, Castle Lite has launched a new campaign that seeks to inspire consumers to have the confidence to own every moment and Stay in the Game with Castle Lite.

Consumers will have already seen the Stay in the Game advertising assets from the brand. This includes a new TV commercial that features famed rapper and style icon, Riky Rick, as well as an international sensation, Trevor Noah. They’ve also enlisted the help of innovative entrepreneur, Theo Baloyi to round out the trio of personalities who speak to the ruler within each one of us and inspire the confidence to ace every moment.

At the core of being a ruler, the ad posits, is the unassailable quality of being unstoppable and being in tune with your aspirations. “Stay in the Game is about ‘maximising without compromise’.

Those moments you want to take time out and have fun with friends, where you want to let go without losing the momentum you have built. With Castle Lite, you remain in the game – whether that is while you are out with friends, cycling in the Cradle or connecting work prospects – it is about living a full life. Not doing less so you can do more, but doing it all and having fun along the way,” Castle Lite Brand Director, Silke Bucker revealed.

And at the core of this extraordinary campaign is the Castle Lite consumer, who continues to inspire everything the brand does.

Consumer’s expectations of brands have changed a lot over the past couple of years and with the major changes to our lifestyles in 2020, Castle Lite wants to make sure it stays close to the heartbeat of its loyal consumers.

That’s why the Stay in the Game campaign speaks to resilience, enjoyment, confidence and remaining on top of your game no matter what.

“Seeing everything that our consumers have been through over the past year and a half, our aim was to inspire them with powerful imagery and remain relevant within their changing dynamic. Castle Lite is the most loved beer in SA and we want to make sure we show up for our consumers in a meaningful way – you got this!” Bucker concluded.

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