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Celebrities Share Covid 19 Vaccination Human Rights Concerns

ByLwazi Nongauza

Aug 20, 2021

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) has confirmed that at least 2000 people have reported side effects after taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

The recent reports of South African citizens experiencing side effects after vaccinating may further affect the government’s rollout plan as fears that the vaccine is ineffective or cause side effects may increase hesitancy.

In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Scope, SAHPRA Manager of Pharmacovigilance Mafora Matlala said her organization is probing the reported side effects which have different categories in terms of seriousness and not-so-serious adversities.

“When we look at the adverse events that we have received so far in the system, they are quite a few, with just over 2 000, compared to the doses that have been administered so far, which is about 9.5 million as of Tuesday. The benefits of these vaccines actually do outweigh the risks that may be out there,” said Matlala

While trying to explain why health authorities still refuse to disclose post-vaccination potential health hazards, Matlala said ‘that decision was taken because relevant professionals are still studying some of the side effects.’  

Celebrities like Kelly Khumalo and Rami Chuene lambasted the government for not being transparent about vaccination side effects.

Immediately after taking the vaccine, Kelly Khumalo experienced strange side effects which include virginal malfunction.  The singer took to Instagram to explain her ordeal.

A few days later, the singer told her followers that the Covid 19 vaccination side effects are over. She also urges her fans to get vaccinated

On the other hand, actress, Rami Chuene took to Twitter and revealed that she almost died. I had ALL the symptoms, losing my mind, calling @dr_loveleeat 1 am. But all’s well, looking forward to a drama-free 2nd jab.

Chuene went on to ask people who have gotten vaccinated to please share their experience so we can retweet. Aggressively. The narrative of unconfirmed disproportionate horror stories is flooding the socials and it’s causing a lot of hesitancy.

As of today, the cumulative number of COVID19 cases identified in SA is 2, 638, 981 with 14, 728 new cases reported. Today 384 deaths have been reported bringing the total to 78, 377 deaths. The cumulative number of recoveries now stands at 2, 402, 020 with a recovery rate of 91,0%

In a bid to self-correct the access to information right that was denied to the citizens, SAHPRA is set to launch an app that will educate everything about post-vaccination benefits and complications.

Matlala has encouraged South Africans to download the SAHPRA Med Safety Smartphone application to keep up to date with medical safety news.

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