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Comedian ‘Black Wendy’ Takes Her Craft Up A Notch

Fresh and young social media comedian Wendy Gumede is a rising star in the comedy world.

Not sure how the comedy element came about, Wendy says she just noticed she was always the humorous one in the group.

“So I started The Black Wendy Channel on YouTube. I was doing the same thing I was doing when I was 13 but this time with actors from UCT. We would come together and I would write something, or I would direct something and put it on my YouTube channel. That is basically how I have grown over the past few years, me, a pen, my friends and creating content that way,” said Wendy.

Seeing a gap in the market, Wendy decided they needed to pursue it and write Zulu comedy themselves. With dreams of creating a Zulu sitcom, including creating more comedic content for black comics, she said: “I love consuming Zulu content, I am so glad that there is an array of Zulu content but I also love creating my own, I feel like it is unique somehow.”

In a world of comedy still dominated by men, Wendy said it was refreshing that she hadn’t been pitted against any other female comic. Wendy says her next step is venturing into stand-up comedy.

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