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Dineo Ranaka launches her beauty line

Radio personality and actress Dineo Ranaka now has her own beauty line.

The “Baby Mamas” star recently launched a new make-up range, Luvdr Beauty.

On Sunday, September 27, she hosted a brunch at Lush Lounge, Roodepoort, to reveal a range of lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, foundations, mascara and more.

Dineo RanakaShe took to Instagram to show her gratitude to everyone who made her launch a remarkable one.

Singer and songwriter Nhlanhla Nciza commented: Congratulations gorgeous, can’t wait to stick up.

Banele Christopher wrote: “I pray that Dineo Ranaka’s make-up line flourishes. I really want her to win and be the mogul she has always been working hard to be.”

Ranaka joins the likes of Faith Nketsi, Mbali Sebapu and international celebrities who have launched their own make-up ranges.

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