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Direct Link Between Harmful Substance FINALLY GBV Revealed

Reported to be associated with increased domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, is the theme of today’s walk by Activist June Major and Celesthea Pierang on their Journey to Makhanda.

Walking 22,5 kilometres from Plettenberg Bay to Kurland community, the gender-based violence and Femicide Activist were joined by the JHR reporter Siphokazi Mnyobe.

Passing every town with a unique message that symbolizes the challenges that each community face, the activities decided to have highlighted the heavy problem of substance abuse that Kurland faces.
The frustration of residing in an underprivileged community with a lack of opportunities has pushed the youth of Kurland to drugs and substance abuse.

In an inclusive interview with JHR, Reverend June Major said, “Rape and gender Based violence often turn into drugs as a form of rebelling, it is important for us to acknowledge this and work together to ensure that our streets are clean and victims get support.

“She said the youth inherits anger and depression from their parents, and turn into drugs to numb the pain, this breaks family structures and leads to more damage to our societies.

We need to protect our children, we need to care for the victims that is one of the reasons we are having this walk, we are raising funds for our centre, we want to build a centre for gender-based violence victim“

Walking with her is Celesthea Pierang Activist, helping with their luggage is Collette Lockett Scott and Sherman Scott.

The Scott’s volunteered to drive by the activist to ensure that they are safe in their Journey.
Celesthea says “the public should stop vilifying rape victims because that pushes them to drugs and alcohol, rape survivors need support not to be judged”.

Published on News 24, according to the commission for gender equality, which hosted a webinar titled alcohol abuse as a casual factor in gender-based violence.

“The effect of alcohol on the cognitive capabilities of individuals lowers inhibitions and heightens patriarchal ideologies, thus arousing dominant toxic masculinities that often lead to violence by men towards women.”

Just in, The Southern Cape police communications have reported that a 23-year-old was stabbed to death by a friend in Kurland, the suspect is in custody and is suspected to have been high on drugs while executing this gruesome act.

Article 2 of the Human Rights Act protects your right to life. This means that nobody, including the Government, can try to end your life. It also means the Government should take appropriate measures to safeguard life by making laws to protect you and, in some circumstances, by taking steps to protect you if your life is at risk.

By Siphokazi Mnyobe

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