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DJ Tira Teaches Upcoming Artists About Legal Aspects Of Music Business

DJ Tira opens up about the importance of understanding contracts! And the importance of investing.

In a passionate and honest confession about the dangers of contracts, DJ Tira made particular reference to a certain contract dispute that he has been in for almost a decade.

DJ Tira advises artists on how important having a contract is and the critical importance of actually understanding the contract.

His advice to artists is to find someone who can read it and help you understand what the contract says.

Know your options, ensure you know how you can get out of the contract if you need to.

“It’s about making money at the end of the day and if you have not understood the details of the contract you are putting yourself in a potentially dangerous position for your future. When artists see a contract, they see themselves as stars and they just put ink on the paper without understanding the contract,” says DJ Tira Talking about how the excitement of potential fame can overtake your decision process. Tira shares how he understands that feeling of hearing your song on the radio and how that feeling never gets old.

To echo the importance of the business of the music business and signing contracts, he concluded by reminding artists of the other side of the business in the music industry and that is about the money.

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