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DJ Zinhle Scores Two Big Deal

ByStaff Reporter

Nov 22, 2020

DJ Zinhle has proven that even during the pandemic that some of God’s favorites can flourish, even better than before the pandemic.

The “Umlilo” with DJ Mvzzle, featuring Rethabile hit maker has showcased that her aim in entertainment is to become a whole lifestyle, rather than just a brand.

This year alone coming off the success of her 2019 when the number one female African DJ produced the Song of the Year hit single, we all thought that maybe she would rest in 2020.

What DJ Zinhle did was create a lane that was just her own, that when you think about has no competitors; just an inspiring story of how to create generational wealth.

This year DJ Zinhle has taken the Era by DJ Zinhle brand that was just a timepiece capsule and diversified its offering.

The brand now offers Era Vision, which is her recently launched eyewear line. This is besides having already launched a bespoke furniture line, Jiyane Atlier in 2019.

This year with her launch of an AirBnB accommodation, and joining the Boulevard family. Era by DJ Zinhle officially has a physical home base.
DJ ZInhle revealed that Era by DJ Zinhle is set to open a physical store. In pictures, the store that can be located at South Gate mall, has all the trademarks of a DJ Zinhle brand.

The store will sell her timepieces, her newly launched eyewear range and when her Era by DJ Zinhle earrings eventually become widely available, we are sure they will have a space there too.

The formidable businesswoman has also collaborated with Jireh Wellness for the release of a sportswear collection.

The relationship with Jireh Wellness started with the two brands collaborating on the release of the facemasks fronted by DJ Zinhle and her daughter, Kairo.

DJ Zinhle has strategically partnered with the brand at the height of the pandemic, which resulted in the facemasks constantly selling out.

Another achievement that DJ Zinhle can pat herself on the back for, is over the release of another song that has the potential to become a “Song of the Year” contender.

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