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Donald Opens Up About For 2021

Donald Says 2021 Will Be His Year: ‘Not Even Lockdown Level 5 Can Get Me Down’
Donald may want to be careful what he wishes for after the hard lockdown introduced in March last year to curb the spread of the coronavirus saw all venues and concerts shut down for several months.

He later acknowledged that the pandemic may leave many in the industry without a job in 2021 but he urged them to “Continue creating”.

“Dear musician. I know you don’t know if you still have a job for this year due to Covid and I’m sorry but I urge you to continue creating. It will all make sense in the end. Put it all in the music without thinking too much about business, it’s gonna be fine.”

The pandemic and lockdown left many artists struggling to make ends meet, but Donald told GQ that it has so far not affected him negatively.

“Instead it has forced me to be even more creative, try new things and explore new ideas I wouldn’t have normally entertained,” he explained.

He spent his time in lockdown putting together a heartwarming rendition of the national anthem and launching.

“I decided I will give young up-and-coming talent an opportunity and a platform to show what they could do. It was a way of giving them some recognition on my timeline because I know I already have a big following. I knew that it would do a lot for a new talent who is hungry for that recognition,” he told the SABC

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