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Dr. Malinga And Former Generations Actor Covid 19 Song Details Revealed

A multitalented police officer and musician Jacob Rapule Phiri Rabza has revealed more details about his Covid 19 awareness hit song, called Tjontjobina

Tjontjobina is part of Phiri debut album Tshela Metsi which was co-produced by artists like  Dr Malinga, Nelly Mawaza and Lady Porsh

In an exclusive interview with JHR, the former Generations actor revealed the message behind the Covid 19 song. Among other things he also revealed and why important for not just his fans but for the country as a whole.

Sad Covid 19 related deaths, econimic cpmlitations and unsettling social difficulties that have been observing over the last year and couple of months are some of the reasons that I composed Tjontjobina 

In a bid to get fastarack South Africa’s Covid 19 fighting mission, over the past year, National Coronavirus Command Council’s has been begging all influential politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and citizens with a sizeable audience reach to please encourage people to follow lockdown regulations and vaccinate.

According to Phiri, it is those types of government that led Phiri and his team to produce the song.

I am sure all South Africa would remember that the government  (through NCCC) was and still continues to call upon all citizens who are knowledgeable about the virus to please educate and support those who need help. 
So, as an artist, I decided to use my influence to educate people on some of the key issues related to the pandemic, lockdown and people’s responsibility during this difficult time.”

While talking about his current career as a police officer, Phiri admitted that joining the police force three years ago was never his original plan but after few years in the profession, he is honoured and happy to serve the country as a law enforcement officer

At some point, I struggled to get a breakthrough in the enterrainment industry. So I decided to apply for jobs .At first, I became a cop because I had nothing to do and had to make money. But I fell in love with it and started working passionately.

While explaining his roller-coaster ride in the Soshanguve based artist told JHR that he has been in the music industry for more than two decades but his art career never took off the way he wanted.

“I’ve been pushing in the entertainment industry for 20 years but nothing was working out, so I gave up. But this year, Dr Malinga and other friends of mine in the music industry asked me to come back.”

Both President Ramaphosa and Minister Nathi Mthethwa praised selfless artists like Phiri who took it upon themselves to educate the public about Covid 19 related matters.
According to Minister Mthethwa as part of finalizing this process, together with the Minister of Small Business Development, we shall soon be finalizing discussions on this plan.’


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