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Dr Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie get engaged

Former YoTV presenter Musa Mthombeni is officially off the market following his engagement to his girlfriend, former Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie.

Musa and Liesl took to social media this past weekend to announce the good news.

If the news of this engagement comes as a shock, you are not alone. Many people were not aware that Musa and Liesl were a couple, to begin with.

While it was known that Musa was in a relationship, he kept who it was, a mystery.

Often posting pictures with emojis covering her face, all fans knew about his bae was that he called her Beyoncé.

The couple flew to Durban for the weekend where they enjoyed time at the 5-star Beverly Hills Hotel and the Oyster Box Hotel.

“This was the moment that I reminded him that I love my ring and this special proposal so much but I love him even more,” Liesl said in a caption attached to a picture of her ring.

“Here’s my fiancé. Yes, I did come to fight”, said Musa

Comments from celebrities flooded into the section with congratulatory messages.

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