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Durban Gen ends Introduces New Characters In Season 2

The gig is up; Season 1 of Durban Gen makes way for Season 2 and new faces join in on the theatrics ...

With an explosive end to season 1 of Durban Gen as Thabo holds both his wife and brother hostage and fatal shots are fired, season 2 kicks off with the question, who did the bullet hit? Durban Gen is torn apart by the unthinkable fatality and three new interns come into an already intense atmosphere.

Dr Bhengu, portrayed by Thokozisa Ziqubu and Dr Jack, portrayed by Yola Plaatjie come into Durban Gen as rotating interns and soon Bhengu realizes that he does not want to leave as he has high expectations for himself.

Dr Jack, however, the resident hippy, just wants to spread peace, love and happiness and sees an opportunity at the hospital to bring on peace. Thembinator, portrayed by Sibongile Nkosi, is the new paramedic, brought on board to assist MacGyver and develops a close relationship with them.

Thokozisa, Yola and Sibongile are all available for interviews to discuss their roles and their experiences working on the Durban Gen-set and what viewers can expect from season 2.

Season 2 of Durban Gen kicks off on 4 October 2021

Below are Durban Gen Season 2 – Week 1 Teasers


Thabo wakes up in prison on the day of his brothers funeral and pleads to be pardoned so he can attend the funeral


Despite the drama, Sibusiso manages to tie Mbali to his family through his will.


Mbali continues to mourn and finds it difficult to comprehend her husband’s demands even from his grave


Lindelani decides to visit Mbali but his timing is off and Ngcobo bids farewell


Mbali decides that her husband will not control her from his grave and takes back her power but this leaves poor Agatha at a crossroads.

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