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Durban Gen July Teasers

The story of Durban Gen is set in the heart of Newlands East, a township in Durban, where the most prominent and recognizable academic public hospital Durban General is found. A highly acclaimed hospital that is the jewel of KZN healthcare. The centre of excellence where every doctor wants to practice and every patient wants to be treated.

Episode 194 THURSDAY, 01 JULY 2021

Dr Zondo solves the mystery case. Zandile finally gets what she wanted. Sne and Nkabinde don’t seem to agree about anything regarding Nkabinde’s make-over.

Episode 195: FRIDAY, 02 JULY 2021

Lindelani makes a life or death discovery. Thabo and Zandile take a risk and get burnt. Bab Gumede tries to repair the damage between him and Calvin.

 Episode: MONDAY, 05 JULY 2021

Thabo gives Lindelani a rope to hang himself, after being caught on video with his pants down.

 Episode 197: TUESDAY, 06 JULY 2021

 Thabo and Zandile pick up from where they left off. Precious’s baby shower is an epic FAIL and MacGyver is tired of playing cat-and-mouse with Sne.

 Episode 198: WEDNESDAY, 07 JULY 2021

Thabo is at it again with his extramural activities while Precious focuses only on getting to a healthy birth. Nkabinde feels her purse getting lighter with MacGyver around. Meanwhile, Sne refuses to admit her jealousy of the couple.

Episode 199: THURSDAY, 08 JULY 2021

Lindelani has new plans for Durban Gen. Precious arrives home and finds a shocking surprise waiting for her. Sne is jealous about MacGyver moving on.

Episode 200: FRIDAY, 09 JULY 2021

Precious walks into her bedroom to find Zandile and Thabo together in bed, causing her water, like her tears, to break. The Dlaminis need MacGyver who is nowhere to be found, to Nkabinde’s annoyance. Meanwhile, Macgyver locks lips with Sne in Nkabinde’s ride!

Episode 201: MONDAY, 12 JULY 2021

The Dlamini heir is born and Thabo tries to make up for his past sins but could it be too little too late? Sne gives MacGyver an ultimatum and Nkabinde ends things with her Toyboy.

Episode 202: TUESDAY, 13 JULY 2021

Can Thabo do what it takes to win Precious back? Will Zondo give into the charming advances of one of the best Doctors in South Africa? Can MacGyver live without the softer things in life whilst trying to make right by Sne?

Episode 203: WEDNESDAY, 14 JULY 2021

Thabo and Zandile are caught with their pants down. Zondo’s life gets a little complicated than she’d like. MacGyver is tired of keeping secrets.

 Episode 204: THURSDAY, 15 JULY 2021

Agatha holds no punches and Zandile is no match for her. Mr. Glass will stop at nothing to get Zondo by his side.

Episode 205: FRIDAY, 16 JULY 2021

Nkabinde plugs MacGyver with a deejaying gig which makes Sne jealous and suspicious. Zondo gears up for her upcoming surgery with the famous Dr Simelane.


 Episode 206: MONDAY, 19 JULY 2021

Precious has reached her pinnacle when it comes to forgiving Thabo and wants a new life. Zondo gets her big day when she enters the theatre. Meanwhile, MacGyver hustles the world of gigging.

Episode 207: TUESDAY, 20 JULY 2021

 The Dlamini’s call a family meeting and Sibusiso worries about his and Precious’ big secret. Sne starts to feel snubbed by MacGyver. Zondo tricks Dr. Mthembu into thinking they have a date.

 Episode 208: WEDNESDAY, 21 JULY 2021

Will Thabo’s efforts to win his family back pay off or backfire? Will Zondo’s smarts continue to play in her favour against Dr Mthembu or will he finally out-smart her? Will Sne and MacGyver walk off together in the sunset or does Nkabinde have an ace up her sleeve?

 Episode 209: THURSDAY, 22 JULY 2021

Thabo tries to get the Dlaminis to believe that he is telling the truth but they all find it hard to believe, because of his ways, Precious wants to understand why Zandile is out to destroy her. MacGyver is on a high about his upcoming event.

Episode 210: FRIDAY, 23 JULY 2021

Agatha tells Bab’Dlamini the truth about Mbali’s marriage. Zondo finds herself intrigued by the new man in her life. MacGyver is betrayed by Sne.

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 Episode 211: MONDAY, 26 JULY 2021

 Agatha’s secret is out and Bab Dlamini is not happy. Will this be the final straw when it comes to the Dlaminis? Zondo and Ngcobo take things to a different level.

Meanwhile, MacGyver kills the night with his set at the Shisanyama but it means nothing when it isn’t heard by the right person.

 Episode 212: TUESDAY, 27 JULY 2021

Thabo sets the record straight with Zandile. Zondo and Ngcobo avoid each other like the plague after the night that was and Sne calls MacGyver out for catching feelings.

Episode 213: WEDNESDAY, 28 JULY 2021

 Thabo fears the outcomes of another family meeting. Zondo the arts her romantic prospects. MacGyver mourns the loss of an emerging love.

Episode 214: THURSDAY, 29 JULY 2021

 There is yet another family meeting and the secret reveals threatens the well-being of the family. Ngcobo and Zondo try so hard to suppress their feeling for each other. Sne is shocked when she finds out who she’s going to be dancing for.

Episode 215: FRIDAY, 30 JULY 2021

All hell breaks loose as Sibusiso struggles to deal with the revelation about his wife. Sne has a secret she’s hot telling a love interest. Zondo and Ngcobo enjoy stolen moments.

Durban Gen is produced by Stained Glass TV. Durban Gen airs weekdays at 6:30 PM on The show is based and shot in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, and features a mix of established and emerging onscreen talent.

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