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EASE Holdings BV Launches EASE® Healthcare Program in South Africa

  • In December 2023, EASE® BV sets up a subsidiary in Johannesburg and introduces “Equipment-as-a-Service” EASE® Program in Southern Africa, creating new opportunities for healthcare accessibility and service delivery.
  • EASE® South Africa (Pty) Limited will leverage the global EASE® healthcare OEM partner network that provides customers with high-quality diagnostic radiology equipment.
  • The program will initially offer MRI, CT, and nuclear medicine scanners to healthcare customers.

EASE Holdings BV announced the expansion of its groundbreaking EASE® (Equipment as a Service) Healthcare program in Southern Africa and opened a subsidiary in Johannesburg, EASE® South Africa (Pty) Limited in December 2023. The Southern Africa regional expansion marks an important step in EASE®‘s geographic footprint, which launched in Ghana and Nigeria in 2022.

“Opening EASE® South Africa is a tremendous milestone in our healthcare practice,” said Kanyinsola Oyeyinka, VP of Healthcare, demand for health services continues to increase annually. “We see great demand from rapidly growing medical facilities in Southern Africa, seeking access to state-of-the-art equipment on flexible terms that allow them to grow their portfolio of services without tapping into equity or credit.”

EASE’s® Healthcare expansion to Southern Africa underscores EASE® Holdings’ commitment to advancing health outcomes and overcoming critical challenges faced by healthcare systems throughout Africa. In Ghana, EASE® partnered with St. Dominic Catholic Hospital to furnish the first MRI scanner in the Eastern Region. The region has a population of 2.9 million people, as measured by Ghana’s 2021 census, and there has been an immediate impact on patient diagnoses and treatment. Building on early successes, such as St. Dominic Catholic Hospital, in the healthcare program in South Africa and Ghana led to the grouping all EASE programs under EASE Holdings BV in late 2023.

EASE® Holdings BV’s CEO Imraan Soomra added: “The EASE® Healthcare program continues to be a significant element of our wider EASE® initiatives, enabling customers to access equipment on terms that match their circumstances and business needs.” Soomra added, “We believe equipment-as-a-service is poised to change businesses’ approach to equipment purchasing permanently in emerging markets and we’re proud to enable this change with EASE®.”

EASE South Africa will initially focus on providing advanced diagnostic and radiology equipment, including CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine scanners to healthcare facilities. The team will leverage EASE®‘s extensive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner network to offer customers state-of-the-art equipment that meets business requirements.

Expressing optimism about the launch, Daniel Doetz, Business Development Manager for EASE Healthcare in South Africa stated, “the introduction of our pay-per-scan model in Southern Africa creates an opportunity to expand access to healthcare in the region. Our team works diligently with healthcare facilities to build service programs that align patient flows, payments and reimbursements to create a win-win solution for patients and the facility.”

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