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Euphonik clapped back at Prince Kaybee

DJ Euphonik has dropped pearls of wisdom to remind fans you have to put yourself first when you are within the belly of the beast that is 2021.

Barely a few days in, chaos has ensued across the globe. From the alarming rise in Covid-19 cases in many countries to the storming of the US Capitol and the increase in job losses, there is no time to sit and register the umgowo that is going to happen this year.

Euphonik advised the TL to try to balance in these truly trying times. The star said it is important to look after ourselves with understanding and care in mind.

He also took the time to mention how insane the past few days have been.

“Look after No 1. Self-preserve but do it with love and compassion. The world is getting wild and we are only seven days in,” he wrote. The radio star often comes to the TL with advice for his fans and young followers.

Last year, Prince Kaybee warned newcomers to beware of performing live on TV for free.

Euphonik clapped back at Prince Kaybee, saying he should provide lessons from his experience in the game, not just what not to do.

“With great power comes great responsibility. I learnt that the hard way. Unknowns also need the platform, so teach people what to look out for,” wrote Euphonik

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