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Faith Nketsi Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

Season two of Faith Nketsi AKA “Queen Twerk’s” reality show has started off on a good foot.

The first episode of have Faith excited viewers as it gave them a glance of what’s to come and many picked up that the star Faith, was more transparent and had more personality.

Now, Faith promised fans to not hold anything back and give them some raw entertainment…and so she did.

Faith later found out that she was pregnant. There were a lot of mixed reactions following last night’s episode, but many people were proud of Faith for being able to speak about the traumatic ordeal she went through.

Faith is lighter, more open, and her personality is shining through. “This season my fans can expect the unexpected. I will be making boss moves as I expand my business interests and challenge myself to leave my comfort zone to achieve my dreams. The road hasn’t been easy though, and this season will be a lot more personal as I connect with those closest to me including family and old friends,” she said.

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