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Family Time At The Market Theatre with Little Fist Big Heart

ByStaff Reporter

Dec 7, 2021

Pula’s story encapsulates many aspects current generations grapple with within post-apartheid South Africa: the past and the Struggle’s impact on our parents; our present and how we negotiate the expectations of family, their love and tensions; and finally, how our children view their future against this backdrop.

 In this feel-good but insightful coming of age story, writer Lereko Mfono teases out the tension between old and the new generations, of what came before and what we dream of the future.

Our heroine of Little Fist, Big Heart! embodies the youth that stands on the shoulders of those who came before them to dream more daringly than ever before.

Season Dates:  8 to 19 December 2021

Time of show: Tues 11am, Weds 11am, Thurs 7pm, Fri 11am & 7pm, Sat 3pm & 7pm, Sun 3pm

Children take their first step towards becoming adults when they dare to explore territories their parents have yet to tread.

Little Fist Big Heart takes us through the journey of Pula a 13- year-old who has been training for years for this boxing championship. With only two weeks to go, she’s in the thick of training, guided by Desmond ‘Bull Terrier’ Molefe, ex-boxing legend and…her father. However, there’s a new fire in her heart and a different future she now yearns for: A future amongst the stars, planets, and galaxies.

To be an astronaut! But with tensions and expectations building, will she have the courage to go against the dreams of her parents right before the big match to follow her heart?

The 2021 KwaSha members have used this unique opportunity to create relevant work that inspires a change in its audience: while simultaneously soaking up the possibilities for personal growth through their work and process.

Theatre is a powerful medium that can inspire, heal, or help us understand and process our realities, Kwasha! is interested in expanding beyond an obvious theatre audience and hope to make work that appeals to, impacts and reaches those on the margins of society.

Are you looking for the perfect family production? Look no further Little Fist Big Heart is a multi-generational production that is emotive and funny just the dose you need for this festive season!

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