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Famous TV Presenter Reveals How Bullying Nearly Destroyed Her

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more celebrities being vulnerable and opening up about issues that seriously affected the way they look at life today.

More recently, television actress Keke Mphuthi took to her IGTV to reveal that she was a victim of bullying during her teenage years.

“Like many others, I too have endured bullying, and sadly it came from even the closest of people(Family). Many times I cried myself to sleep and endured endless self harm such as cutting of my wrists. The physical pain was better than the psychological and emotional pain I experienced in +-13years of my life,” said Keke.

In the caption of her video, the star revealed that it took many years of hard work for her to regain her confidence.

“I fell into the mental trap. I fell into the psychological damage. I fell into the pain, I resorted to self harm and the crying and the isolating. I fell into it all, and reached a point where I just wanted to die. Bullies, I sincerely hope that you guys achieved what you wanted.” She went on to slam everyone who caused her so much pain during her childhood years.

“I hope that each and every one of you are filthy rich from the pain that you’ve brought everyone that you bullied because you know what, you are pathetic. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. That much you must know.”

In closing, Keke revealed that it took her almost ten years to recover from all the bullying she experienced in her childhood.

By Nqobile Magubane

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