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Financial Analyst Takes A Swipe On Sizwe Dhlomo

Mboweni said in his speech on Wednesday the government has projected its need for R5 billion in tax increases for the 2021-22 financial year due to decreasing revenue and rising debts.

A tweet from Kaya FM radio host Sizwe Dhlomo was a hot button issue. Dhlomo said it was the only “Fair thing to do” to increase taxes. Sizwe was criticized on Twitter by many thinking his argument was flawed and that raising taxes would not resolve the country’s economic challenges.

Sizwe Dhlomo tweets for people who think that poverty is a result of people not working hard enough.

Paying taxes like a good citizen so politicians kids can create content on IG while we “?”.

Replying to Sizwe’s tweet, popular financial analyst Koshiek Karan said, “There’s absolutely nothing fair about raising taxes and further suffocating citizens to fund inefficient service delivery, questionable statues, a bloated cabinet, dysfunctional SOEs and conceal the impact of corruption.”

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