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Everyone is born with some talent, that is, people born with the ability to do something better than others; but not everyone has the opportunity to develop it, so it is a matter of opportunity, not capacity. Because without perseverance, opportunity, learning, sacrifice and hard work, talent will not manifest. It can occur in many areas of life, whether in sport, the arts, science, manual activities and so on. So, for that reason, talent is a natural ability, because it is innate, it is an aptitude that stands above the rest, and it is the attitude what marks the difference. Some people do not believe in natural talent, they believe that talents are acquired and are created with a lot of practice. But it is not strange that a child who spent hours with piano sets is today a renowned musician, or the girl who played with pots today she is the best chef. On the one hand, some people die without manifesting their talent, therefore it is important for government and community at large to find talented person and help them to boost their skills up.

Nhlakanipho Mkhize and Cebelenkosi Gumede, who go by the popular names, MC Nhlaka and DA-Cebza in the music circle, have released a single titled, Yena Muhle, which features well known Maskandi singer, Inkosi’yamagcokama.  Yena Muhle, has proved to be a track that cannot just be ignored and has been well received though yet to be circulated among different radio stations.


The duo, still wet behind the ears in the music industry, are still trying to curve a niche and appeal to the masses. They are working on an EP project titled “Sonkanini”. The two said were still playing around with beats and were hopeful that bigger things await. The EP is not yet available on social media, but would soon be availed.


They said that what set them apart from other artists was that, their music was classified as rap/ hip-hop with instruments and little bit of maskandi rhythm and that made them unique to other artists.

The seemingly ambitious musicians said they didn’t know each other when they first performed together in an event that was organised by Big-Zulu. They were both invited and took the opportunity to show case  their talent, they collaborated since then. They have shared the stage with the likes of Big-Zulu, Zakwe and etc.

Their music is marketed and distributed by Mthizom Records and Fibre Optikiz Entertainment.


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