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‘Frigid Armadillo’ Is Making Their Way To The Top

When maestro DJ Black Coffee spins your track on the deck you know your career is destined for greatness.

That’s what happened to newcomer house duo Frigid Armadillo, who trended during the lockdown and still are after Black Coffee played their single Roam In a Day on his lockdown house-brewed sessions.

Frigid Armadillo is made up of 29-year-old best friends Lebo Lechela and Siyabulela Buhlungu, who met in their first year at the University of Johannesburg.

“We met in 2010 at the University of Johannesburg but have both been producing music individually since high school, using different aliases before we started working together as a pair,” says Buhlungu.

Why did they name themselves after an animal that curls up into a ball to protect itself?

“An armadillo is an animal that is very shy and protective of itself and that’s why it’s rolled up in a shell. That’s how we are with our music. We [are] very particular and protective and don’t just let anyone come in between it,” says Buhlungu.

Lechela says that the armadillo name is a metaphor for what they stand for in the music industry.

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