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From John vuli gate to lobola refunds

There was so much drama and coincidence in the latest an episode of Jub Jub’s show You Promised To Marry Me that fans started feeling like it’s a bit too “Scripted” but that still didn’t make them change the channel.

Almost everything about the episode felt like it was created to suit the drama cravings that Uyajola 99 fans have been missing.

Not only was Michael – the groom – looking for the refund of his lobola if his woman refused to marry him on the show, as it turns out that woman was cheating with a guy called John! And, yes, John indeed opened the gate.

Viewers couldn’t believe Jub Jub found a way to insert the viral, catchy”John vuli gate’ phrase into the show …. However, the drama was too good for them to leave because even though they tuned into the show that is supposed to help people tie the knot, the situation got litty real quick and they were suddenly watching a show that looked a lot like the Mzansi version of Cheaters, Uyajola 99.

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