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G-star Raw Teams Up With Up local Artists

International fashion giant G-Star RAW has released the third season of its pinnacle collection: Exclusives by G-Star RAW

The newly launched collection is a combination of radical designs inspired by early-twentieth-century flight suits and army garments and G-Star RAW denim classics.

Designed with limitless creativity to exceed standards, Exclusives by G-Star RAW brings reinvention and innovation to every stitch, seam and rivet. Timeless icons for men and women, spliced with the unique DNA of the G-Star RAW brand.

The collection boasts an impressive range of bold and complex garments, featuring multiple layered shells and functions, as G-Star’s signature utility aesthetics are taken to the extreme. Every item has its own narrative.

For heritage month G-Star RAW celebrates the creative expression of Rap and Hip-Hop in South Africa, by featuring local artists in its Exclusives by G-Star RAW collection.

Rap and Hip-Hop artists Moozlie, Shane Eagle, YoungstaCPT and Courtnaé Paul, wear the Exclusives collection in a series of fashion imagery shot by award-winning, contemporary, multimedia visual artist, Trevor Stuurman.

Expect boxy silhouettes and refined details with superior construction techniques, patched big square pockets and premium fabrics such as 100% chambray linen, strong recycled polyester canvas, Italian Selvedge and Japanese denim.
G-Star RAW – dedicated to the cloth, the craft, the culture, and the history of denim.


Collection highlights worn by Shane include:
E Alum Relaxed Tapered PM jeans R4999
E Utility Mesh Vest R3999
GSRR 3D Pilotte Cuffed Jeans R5999
GSRR Combat Shirt R5999
E Relaxed Tapered Cargo Pants R5999
E Utility Cropped Shirt R5199

Collection highlights worn by Moozlie include:

Engineered Rib Tank Top Dress C R999
E Trench in Dark Black R9999
E Multipocket Maxi Dress R7699
E Windbreaker R5999
E Cargo Pants 2 in 1 R7999
E Mosquito Multipocket Parka R5999

Collection highlights worn by YoungstaCPT include:
E Coach Jacket R4899
E Karate Shorts R2999
E Scutar 3D Slim Tapered Adjusters Jeans R5299
E Pencil Case Regular Overshirt R4999
Pocket logo T-shirt R899
Mix Woven Cargo T-shirt R1499
E luggage cargo pants 2 in 1 R9999

Collection highlights worn by Courtnaé Paul include:

E Tedie Ultra High Straight Jeans R5399
E Utility Sleeveless Jacket R3999
3D Ultra-high Fatigue Pants R1999
E Bomber Jacket R5999
E Aero Straight Jumpsuit R5299

The collection is available online now –
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