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Gomora December Teasers

Gomora is a South African television drama series produced by Seriti Films. It is an M-Net original production commissioned for M-Net’s local interest channel Mzansi Magic. The drama series replaces Isthembiso, which hasn’t been renewed for a fourth season.

Here are Gomora December Teasers

Episode 158

Mazet shocks Ntokozo when she reveals that she doesn’t love him. Zodwa laments Don ruining her life and going to prison.

Episode 159

Ntokozo finds out that Mazet can no longer walk. Zodwa almost turns to the bottle in her darkest hour.

Episode 160

Ntokozo refuses to back down on his pursuit of true love. Teddy’s way of dealing with grief concerns Zodwa. Phumlani scores a point on Buhle and receive good news.

Episode 161

Sbonga puts his foot in his mouth in the worst way. Zodwa makes a hard decision for her children.

Episode 162

Mazet struggles to deal with being in a wheelchair. Zodwa, Teddy and Sibongile prepare for burial. Sbonga insists that Tshiamo must not help Mazet.

Episode 163

Sibongile lets Zodwa feel bad about a missing body. Those who love Mazet won’t give up on her even when she has.

Episode 164

Phumlani makes a move on Thathi. Zodwa is questioned about a murder weapon.

Episode 165

Phumlani stalks Thathi from a distance. Teddy gives Sibongile a firm warning about her dangerous fling.

Episode 166

Phumlani orders a hit on Doctor Molamu. Ntokozo asks his parents to allow Mazet to move in with them.

Episode 167

Thathi learns that her stalker shot Doctor Molamu. Gladys advises Mazet not to move in with Ntokozo.

Episode 168

Phumlani makes headway with the love of his life. Mazet accepts a drastic and life-changing proposal. Sdumo gets cut down to size by a schoolgirl.

Episode 169

Ntokozo makes a decision that shocks his parents. Thathi finds herself out of sorts for a new man. Phumlani puts a new plan in motion.

Episode 170

Melusi tells Gladys to kick out Ntokozo and Mazet. Phumlani buys Buhle a birthday gift. Zodwa reveals that she is back together with Bongani.

Episode 171

Zodwa admits she has recurring nightmares of Don. Thathi regrets the boundaries she crossed with Phumlani.

Episode 172

Bongani suggests Zodwa finds the grave so she can find peace. Phumlani catches Melusi comforting Thathi.

Episode 173

Sonto demands that Mazet come back home. Phumlani orders Melusi to be killed.

Episode 174

Mam’ Sonto viciously warns Ntokozo about hurting Mazet. Phumlani arranges his fatal plans for Melusi.

Episode 175

Bongani tells Phumlani that Melusi has been attacked. Phumlani gets into Sonto’s good books.

Episode 176

Zodwa attempts to get spirit out of the house. Sonto encourages Thathi to date Phumlani.

Episode 177

Buhle breaks Thathi’s rules and visits Phumlani. Stompie gives Sibongile a mysterious idea.

Episode 178

Ntokozo protects Tshiamo against Sdumo. Mazet tells Phumlani that Thathi has a crush on him.

Episode 179

Mazet tells Buhle to stay away from Ntokozo. A sangoma tells Zodwa that Don is still in her house.

Episode 180

Zodwa chooses to spend New Year’s Eve without Bongani. Thathi refuses for Buhle to live with Phumlani.

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