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Gqeberha Residents Skeptical On Getting Their Covid-19 Jabs

Since the introduction of the covid-19 vaccine in South Africa, there have been myths, stereotypes and false statements have been circulating.

Many were unwilling to go get the jab, with many holding the belief that it was produced to kill Africans. It was a great relief and things begun to change when J&J manufactured its own vaccine, the government has indicated its concern with increasing reports of vaccine hesitancy.

While this was the case, a few remained sceptical and uncertain about taking the vaccine. National Income Dynamics Study(NIDS) – Corona Rapid Mobile Survey (CRAM) wave 4 study has found that 71% of South Africans are willing to take the vaccine.

Andre who works as a Quantity Surveyor in a nearby construction site strongly believes in not taking the vaccine.

“My hesitancy in taking the vaccine is a result of a lot of unanswered questions, nothing religious,” he said

He went on to say he wouldn’t listen to any scientist that is employed by any pharmaceutical industry because he can’t be impartial when he’s working for the same people selling these vaccines.

He believes that had this been handled properly health care would have reached those in need sooner and maybe more lives could have been saved and that people would be more informed about the vaccine.

A 37-year-old mother of two who has taken the jab said

“Given another chance, I would get vaccinated again so that when I get covid-19 it won’t be severe as it would have been when I’m not vaccinated”

She also stated that the side effects are not permanent and for her, it was just a minor headache and nausea.

Lusanda Mbiza a health care worker says a large number of people do come in for questions about the vaccine but fewer come back for it.

“Some patients believe that the vaccine is just another way of the government to have control over their lives, “ she said

Two of the NMB leadership were not available for a comment on the issue of vaccine taking and human rights.

By Yola Maqume

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