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Here Is Why Vaccinated Blood Donors Are Deprived Their Human Rights

ByStaff Reporter

Sep 26, 2021
Those who have been vaccinated are no longer allowed to saves lives by donating their blood.

This was confirmed by the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) last week. Why trying to explain the reasons for this decision, SANBS donor relations practitioner Maryke Harris said that the SANBS is finding it very difficult to achieve targets at the moment, which might be a result of misinformation about blood donation and COVID-19

According to Harris, technically willing blood donors can donate blood after having COVID or been exposed provided they feel 100% well and in good health on the day of donation, with the following minimum waiting periods prescribed:

  • Severe illness with hospitalisation – 28 days waiting period.
  • Mild illness without hospitalisation – 14 days from last symptoms.
  • No symptoms – 14 days from the date of the positive test result.
  • Close or direct contact with a confirmed positive person – 14 days.
  • Any flu-like symptoms – 14 days from complete clearance of symptoms.
  • Awaiting COVID test result – no waiting period if negative and if positive, as per above, depending on the severity of symptoms.

Based on Harris’ views, those are the only reasons why vaccinated blood donors are deprived of their human rights to save lives through blood donation.

Be that as it may, according to Chapter 2 of the South African constitution, everyone has a right to life and nobody, not even the state, has the right to take a life. This means that no person can be sentenced to death by the courts.

Therefore Harris’ view which is disputed by dozens of willing blood donors might not just be misinformed but also infringing blood donors and seekers right to life.

Anyway, besides that, receiving blood from a vaccinated donor or from a person who has COVID antibodies, from being infected before, has no significant impact on the recipient. COVID cannot be transmitted through a blood transfusion.

SANBS should not require a donor to declare their vaccination status, since it has no significance to patient safety, nor would it impact the clinical outcome. Considering a patient’s preference with regard to donor lifestyle is not viable or practical.

While explaining why should donors inform SANBS if their test positive for COVID shortly after donating blood, Harris said

”Even though COVID cannot be transmitted through a blood transfusion, informing SANBS of your positive result assists in contact tracing, to inform other donors and staff who were at that particular blood drive on the day, about your result (anonymously, of course).”

JHR attempts to get a comment from Human Rights Commission were not successful.

By Anele Gcwabe

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