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Here’s What South Africa’s Richest Entrepreneurs Have Been Up To


Elon Musk, one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world, is native to South Africa. What have Elon and the other entrepreneurs been up to? DIscover here.


Most of the wealthiest people in the world come from the likes of China, the US, and Russia. Typically, countries with a thriving economy and strong trade links allow budding entrepreneurs to thrive. South Africa is the exception. Yes, the claim to fame South Africa possesses is that one of the most publicised businesspeople alive, Elon Musk, is native to Pretoria, one of South Africa’s three capital cities. Elon is not the only wealthy entrepreneur originating from South Africa – although he is the most publicised.

Keep on reading to discover the most successful entrepreneurs in South Africa and what they have been up to.

Elon Musk


South Africa might not have the wealthiest economy in the world, but it is the home of the 3rd richest man in the world, Elon Musk. Famed for multiple accomplishments — such as the reinvention of money and the innovation of the modern-day Tesla — Elon built his wealth by pushing the boundaries of what we consider being possible.


Elon features in the press that much that we are not short of things to write about. His latest statement about his Space X plans hit the headlines as Elon claimed the newest voyage of his SpaceX rocket falls into the arms of what he called robot chopsticks. Elon is planning to test this theory as early as the end of the year. Earlier this year, Elon and the Space X team pulled off a massive feat of engineering as they watched the SpaceX boosters land themselves. You cannot argue it – the man is innovative.

Martin Moshal


Martin Moshal is one of the most successful South African entrepreneurs who has helped develop the economy of South Africa and given South Africa a place in what used to be unreachable industries. Martin is most famous for his involvement with the world of online gambling, an enormous industry in South Africa. He pioneered Microgaming, a company he sold last year. His influence on online gaming opened South Africa to the rest of the world.


Martin paved the way for other online casinos. The software he helped develop now powers more than a third of all online casinos offering games of all varieties, from lotto slot games to classic poker.


What has Martin been up to recently? Martin has shares in multiple companies and has some involvement with many more. Recently, he was asked to join a board of businesspeople to help rebuild the reputation of Moriah college. He joins multiple other business leaders to discuss resolving issues with debt and how to build better infrastructure. His endeavours have allowed him to create the Moshal Scholarship Program, which supports young entrepreneurs.


Irene Charnley


There are some incredibly influential and wealthy women in South Africa, and Irene Charnley is one. As well as having multiple directorship positions, she is an influential woman in general. One of Irene’s most successful ventures was with her Smile Telecom company that pioneered Africa’s first 4G Lte network infrastructure – connecting much of Africa with the rest of the online world.


Irene has retired from many of her directorship roles, but she has an influential voice in many industries, including The International Women’s Forum of South Africa. Irene is president of the foundation that promotes the female voice. She spends most of her time promoting women’s rights, giving women the chance to have equal opportunities in the many industries she holds and influence over.

Max Lichaba


Max is one of South Africa’s much-loved entrepreneurs who features in the press regularly because of his ties with the music and TV industry thanks to his love life. When he is not tied up with celebrities, Max grew up in a mining town and expected to become a miner himself. However, after a gold mining company started Harmony Gold Jewellery School, Max joined and followed his dream. From there, he opened Lichaba Creations, Kwa Lichaba and Lichaba Custom Rides.


Recently, he has been in the media thanks to his ties with actress Sophie Ndaba. Ties between the two severed less the mutually, which have put Max in unappealing limelight. The stepson of Sophie Nbada, Lwandle Ndaba, has even written a diss track about Max, throwing cheating allegations in the mix – although the song has since been removed from YouTube.


Max also featured in articles related to his Kwa Lichaba business. Sources confirmed that Lichaba’s company failed to pay contractors who worked on his new Kwa Lichaba Restaurant in Soweto. Unfortunately, it is hard to find positives about Max in the news right now, but his self-made journey is one to admire.


Most entrepreneurs in South Africa are self-made. There aren’t the same educational support systems and flourishing economies that benefit other businesspeople around the world. South African entrepreneurs use the grit of their upbringing to solidify their place on the list of the wealthiest people in South Africa.

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