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Hip Hop Legend Gets Into Farming Business Industry 

Mo turned his back on the mic at the peak of his music career to follow his dream of becoming a farmer and it looks like all the hard work is paying off.

Earlier this year, while the country found itself in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic and artists with no work, Mo told TshisaLive how his decision to leave the spotlight was finally justified.

“This very moment vindicates my decision to become a farmer. When I left rap music to dedicate myself to farming, there were many questions. I always knew that a hip-hop career is short, but this will carry me for life,” he said.

“At this moment, my peers are at home wondering where they will get their next gig and making Instagram videos, I am working and transforming my brand. After Covid-19, Mo Molemi will no longer be a rapper but a serious businessman.

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