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” I had to cut down on things including insurance”

The car was parked in Johannesburg’s CBD outside Molingoana’s studios in Marshalltown when the incident happened.

According to Sunday World has seen footage of the incident, which shows a driver in a brown Ford Ranger double-cab bakkie hitting Molingoana’s car before driving off.

To his dismay, Molingoana said he was confronted with arrogance when he finally managed to speak to Mabapa about the incident.

Molingoana, who is working on his upcoming fashion show, said his business was now slacking because he was trying to sort out his car.

“I am creative and due to COVID-19, I had to cut down on things including insurance and now this made things worse because the guy who bumped me does not care whether my car will be fixed or not,” Molingoana said.

The fashion designer said the car’s bumper was heavily affected and it would cost between R8 000 and R11 000 to fix.

Molingoana also said he had opened a case at the Johannesburg central police station and would make sure Mabapa fixes his damaged car.

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