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‘Igqirha Lomculo’ Reveals His Future Plans In The Music Industry

Thabo Setjie better known as ‘Igqhirha Lomculo‘ was born and raised in Cape Town. He started making music in primary school. Him and his friends would make beats using their hands against the table and rap on top of it.

While in the fourth grade he started rapping as well as doing school performances such as dancing and singing. So arts were always his escape space as he was born and raised in the country’s murder capitial Nyanga.

During his high school years he would hold cyphers and beat box sessions during break times and they would rap and sing whole break without the thought of eating.

“Music filled up my hunger, music gave me hope, music made me forget all the murders I’ve witnessed as a young boy”,says Thabo.

Thabo also became part of a group called Driemanskap who were from a nearby area

In 2007, his newly formed group started performing live every weekend on sessions held in Gugulethu called ‘All NY’s’. That’s where people started appreciating their craft.

Thabo taught himself how to compose his own beats and mix his own songs. That’s what is he is doing at the moment .

“Basically everything is done by me including my artworks. If you would like to know what I sing about,listen to my Album ‘Isviko’ which you can access via google” ,said Thabo

Thabo revealed that he would love to work with Jabulani Hadebe known as “Sjava”.

For more information you can follow him on Instagram: .

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