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Introducing ‘Girls in Shades’: A Celebration of Women by Strictly Soul

This past weekend saw Strictly Soul, host ‘Girls in Shades’ a premier destination for soulful R&B vibes and unforgettable experiences celebrating women.

This took place at La Parada Rosebank on the 28th of March in Joburg, 29th of March in Durban and 30th of March in Cape Town.

This is an event that celebrates the essence of femininity and highlights the pivotal role that women play in Strictly Soul’s community.

Inspired by the undeniable influence and importance of women as the primary market for Strictly Soul, the ‘Girls in Shades‘ event celebrates femme energy and style.

All are welcome at Strictly Soul, but we take this occasion to shout out the women who come together with their friends to have a good time and bask in the rhythm of soulful music.

It is a tribute to the women who continue to grace us with their presence and support, making each experience at Strictly Soul truly special.

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