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Introducing the Perfect Autumn Indulgence: Enjoyable Johnnie Walker Blue Cocktails

Autumn- Cigar and Sandalwood


Blue Label – clarified jersey milk – Lemon

A textual combination of JW Blue Label, maple, clarified jersey milk, and lemon aromatics

Rich, textured, delicately smoked, and memorable.



50ml (jersey milk) Johnnie walker Blue Label

15ml light maple syrup

10ml lemon juice

4 dash orange Bitters


Per 10 cocktails

Take 1L of jersey milk (high fat milk) and heat in saucepan to 6-70 degrees

Batch above mix and pour into heated jersey milk (pour cocktail mix into milk)

Allow mix to curdle and settle for at least 30 minutes

Through a cheesecloth strain mix into a jug

Production Notes

Per cocktail add 75ml of cocktail mix to mixing glass filled with ice

Stir cocktail for 10 – 15 seconds until cold and diluted

Strain mix into chilled rocks glass filled with a block of clear ice

Garnish and enjoy


Grated winter spices

Production Notes

This cocktail takes 24 hours to batch

Cocktail can be prepared 4 days before use

2.Spring- apple & Rose

JW Blue Label – Pommeau – Amaro – Sour Grapefruit


JW Blue Label is paired with Pommeau apple aperitif, rose-tinted amaro Montenegro, and pink grapefruit.

Shaken and served over a large chunk of ice and finished with dried ginger and apple. Vibrant and full of life


30ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label

20ml Pommeau (Chateau de Briuel)

30ml soured pink Grapefruit juice

10ml Amaro Montenegro


Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker

Add ice to a shaker and shake for 10 seconds until very cold

Strain mix into chilled coupette

Garnish with a thin slice of dehydrated apple


Very thin dehydrated apple wheel

Production Notes

Sourced grapefruit – (per 1000ml fresh juice add: 10g Lactic acid

Freshly pressed grapefruit juice only. No bottled juice

Measure Lactic acid with micro scales to ensure the correct amount of acid dissolved into the mix

This cocktail can also be served over ice

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