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Jackie Phamotse Explains How Some Celebrities Use Witchcraft To Be Rich

Controversial author Jackie Phamotse took to Instagram Live and started a fiery conversation about wealthy celebrities who have acquired their wealth using black magic.

Even though Jackie did not mention any names, her 40 000+ viewers drew their own conclusions.

Jackie’s very graphic and detailed video accuses a few celebrities, influencers and ordinary people who work fairly ordinary jobs that do not pay that much but have all the wealth you can think of, for using a peculiar route to acquire and maintain their wealth.

Jackie then spoke about the current pandemic that we are faced with and how it had negatively affected people and their jobs.

In a series of tweets she pointed out that Ginimbi had bought his own coffin four weeks before his death and fitness bunny Moana had predicted her own death.

“When you trade your soul for money, you are given a time period to enjoy the new found wealth. However, they take away your family & pure happiness.Your death will be horrific. You are also given a vision of your death. Wealth rituals are common and require blood. When all is said and done, those of the powers that being, the ones who had given the powers, saw that they failed to give them the ultimate sacrifice, and because they had already sold their souls,” said Jackie

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