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JR Launches DIY Mobile Distribution App For Artists

FYVE is a Mobile Phone Music Distribution App allowing music makers and creators to upload their music from their smartphones without having to submit tons of paperwork and music through web-based aggregator or label services which are set to launch in June 2021

This is a game-changer as there is currently no Mobile Distribution App that services the African Independent Music Market. The independent bug has bitten a lot of young millennial creatives and it’s only growing from here.

FYVE will create a platform for creators to plug straight to the DSP’s conveniently with insights as to who’s listening, where, the status and finances of their releases in different territories across various stores. Project Founder and CEO JR Bogopa says

“The launch of Fyve is a big disruptive turning point in the African music landscape, allowing every artist to distribute music from their cell phones!

For too long many companies have put a high barrier to entry for the up and coming independent artist, and Fyve App as a DIY Artist and Label service tool is changing that narrative by evening out the playing field, destabilizing the game and giving equal opportunity for success to independent artists.

Our unique pay as you go service, along with our revolutionary tech will allow us to literally put the power back into the hands of the creator financially and creatively.”

Managing Director Sizwe Hlongwane carries on to say

“The 4IR is upon us, FYVE believes all creatives should identify themselves as technologically savvy. Fyve is a leading player in introducing innovation and technology to African creatives. Delivering cutting edge, accessible, high tech to the man on the street, FYVE vision is to reduce the digital gap between creatives and technology.”

Interesting facts about FYVE:

FYVE is Africa’s first Cell phone Distribution App

You can distribute your music to over 39 DSP from your cell phone. There is no need to even leave your couch to release the next big hit!

There is NO service like ours on the continent, most of the distributors are still using paper to onboard we are fully autonomous and it takes less than 4min to distribute your music.
Users can put their music on Shazam and Siri

FYVE pays our users in foreign currency.

Because we distribute globally we wanted to create a platform that paid users in the steadiest currency in the world.

FYVE allows for analytics and accounting reporting.

Our users will have FULL transparency when it comes to their money. They will have the ability to see where they are being streamed, who is streaming them, from what device, and which playlists are giving them the most spins

FYVE doesn’t just use PayPal we pay directly into your bank account!

Our users don’t request payments, they WITHDRAW the funds themselves. On FYVE users will have the option to pay themselves FNB, ABSA, NEDBANK etc. We pay directly into their preferred bank accounts!
For those who are unbanked? No problem we can pay via eWallet but only to a maximum amount of R25 000.

Edit Your release via the app

With FYVE you don’t have to ‘take down music’ from streaming platforms if you “Spell a song name wrong”, “Put up the wrong artwork” like most companies. You can fix those errors while your song is live in stores. The first of its kind

FYVE will send your music to radio stations and pitch DSP Playlist

There is an option to send your music to radio stations to be considered for play-listing

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