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K.O: AKA and I Bring the Best Out Of Each Other

In an effort to promote the single, K.O allowed for ZAlebs to have a telephonic interview where he discussed the new single, his musical plans, the business of Skhanda World and his silence over the comments from Nhlamulo “LavidaNota” Baloyi.

The song stands as an independent single from his 2019 released single, “PTY UnLtd.” When asked about the reception the single has released K.O stated that, “I am humbled, and excited at the same time.”

The rapper went on to confirm that the single is scheduled to release the visuals for the single by stating.

Before the release of the new single, K.O had released a Skhanda World single titled a”Cold Summer,” featuring kwesta, and Skhanda world’s Loki and introduced new signee, Roiii.

The single marks the second Skhanda World release following the first single, “Killa Combo,” featuring Mariechan, Zingah, Tellaman and Loki.

A K.O release is a song that is coming out of the K.O brand. AKA. Speaking on the matter he stated that that; “We have a new song coming out and I want to make that the chemistry stays there.

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