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Kaina brings hope to people’s heart with her new songs

Kaina Songbird (real name Kaina Konga) just released two singles, ‘Reign’ and ‘Release me’. The artists’ new songs are all about empowerment and the strength people have but don’t realise it.
The song came about when she received the beat. She mentioned that it was hard for her to write at first but when she got her chorus, she then was able to come up with the whole song. “The chorus in the song inspired a very strong and powerful message. In quite a few of my songs I speak a lot about self-empowerment and loving yourself and believing in yourself. When the chorus started to speak to me that was the message I was getting. It was more like a vibe,” she said.
The song also relates to her past experiences. When she started music, she had trouble committing to singing. She finally let it all out by singing out loud and stopped hiding her talent.The song ‘Reign’ is a motivation for people to realise their dreams and not be scared to follow them at all times. The song is telling people that anything is possible if they put their minds in it.
“For me singing was a dream I had and followed. I’ve always had a hard time being able to commit to singing full time because of society pressure. It’s all about following your dreams. If your dream is set in your heart, you must trust that you can do well. You are the King of your own Kingdom”, she commented.
She also released another song ‘Release me’, which is a relationship song. It is about all relationships that one forms and trusting yourself as a person. “People sometimes tend to be co-dependent in strong bonds such as your parents or sometimes close friends. You need to move away from such. It’s about being able to trust yourself and moving away from something when you know it is not good for you,” said Kaina.

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