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Kaina Songbird unveils new single ‘Reign’

ByStaff Reporter

Dec 9, 2020

Kaina Konga, Kaina Songbird is a fast-rising RnB/Afro/Pop artist who is certainly an artist we need to all be on the lookout for. The artist who was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia says her sound has been largely influenced by artists like Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Brandy, Sia, Beyoncé and many more alike, always being inspired by melodic tunes with messages of love attached to the song.

Thrilling, unapologetic, authentic and liberated, ‘Reign, is an anthem for men and women, reminding them of their inner power and keeping the hope strong despite life’s disorder. “It speaks to the subject of ignoring our fears by reminding ourselves of the strength we each have within despite what the evidence around us may show”, says Kaina.

Growing up Kaina Songbird knew that being a performing artist was all that she wanted to do and would stop at nothing to ensure that her aspirations were brought to life. The hopeful Star performed at school plays and would even perform at church events as well as weddings. the young hopeful had wishes of attending an arts school, however this was not the case, so she continued performing back home.

At the age of 17 whilst attending school in South Africa she decided to enter the popular music competition show Idols South Africa however did not make it very far in the competition. She did not let this be the end of her musical journey and still went on to pursue her career.

The Songbird went on to add to her title and pursued her studies in China doing her bachelor’s degree in Economics. During her stay in China she was very lucky to have found platforms to perform keeping her singing passion alive, and is very grateful for the opportunities she was presented with, including performing for the Olympic Winter Universiade in Beijing.

In December of 2017, Kaina Songbird released her single ‘Gimme love’ featuring Thee Ajay. This was a life changing move as this was when she decided to finally pursue her passion in music and share her voice with the world. Her goal is to create music that feels good to the listener whilst evoking the listeners emotions to ponder over aspects of life she feels are important and worth giving a voice to. According to Kaina some of those values include, personal growth, the challenges that many African women in the music industry are exposed to, and the facilities provided(or not) in efforts to empower women and encourage more of them to reach their dreams and recognize their full potential.

Kaina describes her music making journey as purely extraordinary to where she finds herself as an artist, and it is encapsulated through each song she chooses to create for people. The Songbird has written with startling candour on self-appreciation, identity, real love, pure joy and being authentic in your own realm. Stripping away music’s artifice while keeping true to its light-heartedness and excitement is Kaina Songbird’s special gift.

“I take pride in the fact that I’m a simple person , give me a beat that fuels my spirit and I fly, each song feels like an exploration of a world I’ve never been in before” is how she continues to describe her sound, and creative process.

Her tireless energy, positivity and drive coupled with her passion and desire to create an impact musically are attributes that are going to ensure that the Songbird is noticed through everything she does.

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