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Katlego Maboe’s Playboy Ad Causes A Stir

Media personality Katlego Maboehas once again topped the trends list and his dirty laundry took centre stage.
An old ad of him modelling for PlayBoy resurfaced, and the internet went berserk.
Katlego Maboe had people all over the internet amazed at his supposed “Comeback” after a poster of him modelling for Playboy, advertising their partnership for a new fragrance.
Playboy brand custodian Jack Kruger said at the time, no one person embodies the new Signature line as closely as Maboe:
“As a television host, personality, singer, model and father, Katlego is at a point in his life where he’s able to look back over his achievements and feel a sense of accomplishment, while still being motivated to achieve more.”
Well fast-forward to almost a year later, Katlego seems to fit the brand oh-so-very well as he had been given the title ‘Playboy’ after his sex scandal.
Katlego Maboe has been the face of Playboy Signature collection since 2019. Katlego Maboe’s alleged sex dalliance with competition winner could end his career.
New revelations in You Mag allege- Maboe, as Lay’s Chips ambassador at the time, had sex in a hotel in Kiev with a woman who won a competition hosted by the brand.
While the cheating & STD revelations were a private matter and Maboe could have survived it, latest revelations alleging he used his position for sex may be harder to overcome.

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