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Khanyi Mbau Ex Opens Up What Happen Before Dubai Drama

Khanyi Mbau’s recent ex Kudzai Mushonga has given his version of what really happened between himself and Khanyi Mbau before she returned to SA.

Taking to Instagram live on Thursday to share his side of the story, He said while they travelled to Dubai for work, they also wanted alone time, but he ended up working a lot.

He said after a business breakthrough, he played music which woke up a sleeping Khanyi and they argued.

“I was on the phone for four hours and she could not sleep because I was on the phone. Soon after that, she asked me to switch off my phone because it was ‘we time’ from there. Mrs K doesn’t like being woken up and that’s just the person she is. She’s a light sleeper,” he said.

Kudzai revealed that Khanyi warned him that she would go back home but convinced her to stay.

“We got into an argument and babe is like ‘you don’t love me’ and it’s heated. I looked into her eyes and walked away and I’m learning now you should never walk away.

Since landing in SA, Khanyi has remained mum about her relationship with Kudzai, but issued an apology to her fans, friends and family members who were concerned about her wellbeing.

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