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Khanyi Mbau Spitfire On Social Media Bullies

In the essence of keeping it real, Khanyi Mbau has dished some tough love to people who are always filling up her TL all hot and bothered by other people’s opinions.

Khanyi put on her “Sis’Dolly” hat to dish out advice on her TL to people that always find themselves in their feels because things other people say or do with their lives bother them. She advised tweeps to look within to figure out why they are so easily touched.

“What you react to is a sign of what you are really going through darling., what evokes emotion in you is screaming for attention. Nothing anyone does should have so much power over you sweetheart,” Khanyi said.

Her tweets were totally random, which made tweeps suspicious because they know that Twitter is the home of savagery and clap-backs as opposed to life-building, uplifting messages, so their first instinct made them want to find out if Khanyi was all right. You know, because why would a person just randomly give such heartfelt advice? Luckily for them, Khanyi was in a teachable spirit kind of mood and she met them at their point of curiosity.
When asked if she’s OK, Khanyi responded, “I am. I know it’s weird to have someone speak life on Twitter …”.

“We need [to] normalise speaking life unto each other.”

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