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Kwesta’s Wife Irritated By Fake IG Accounts Of Their Baby

The couple’s baby girl Kenya Elihle Vilakazi, who was born on the 11th of November 2020 already has 5 fake Instagram accounts under her name.
The businesswoman asked her legion of fans to report the accounts and questioned the imposters if they are not sick to create accounts for a child who is barely a week old.
Yolanda is not the first mom to call out imposters, TV personality Minnie Dlamini who recently gave birth was recently flagging down fake accounts made using her son’s name.
This follows after a fake account that had amassed 150k followers on Instagram made rounds on the platform.
Minnie said her son does not have social media accounts and he will probably never have them until he is old enough to do it himself.
“My child does not and will not have a social media account until I say so. please, don’t follow fake accounts and I will nor be posting any of his images as a result,” Minnie wrote.

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